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Your Brand already exists.


It lives in the hearts and minds of your constituents, be they customers, students, parents, vendors, donors, residents, administrators, alumni, members, patrons, or clients.  Over the years, I’ve developed a unique, collaborative process that helps organizations discover and leverage the power of their brand.


The process is called “Coming to Unity,” and it serves to help us arrive together at the same place and at the same time around an understanding of your brand. By doing the important brand work in a group setting we all contribute important things to the process.  The workshop participants, because they come from within your organization, bring important context to the process: your organization’s history, heritage, culture, belief system, and visions for the future. 


2Ns brings research into the perceptions and attitudes of your constituents and facilitates a process by which we all come to unity around a deep understanding of your brand on a physical, functional and emotional level.


Through this process we acquire the wisdom needed to craft your Brand Story and optimize your marketing message for each of your target audiences.




Glenn Ravdin

2NS Inc.

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