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Too often, organizations begin the planning process by making a fundamental mistake: they define their goals and objectives.


Goals and objectives are outcomes, and as a preliminary planning tool they only serve to limit the organization.  When you set a goal, you eliminate all other possibilities and reduce the organization’s ability to respond to opportunity.  It’s like putting blinders on a horse; unrestricted a horse can see 350°, almost all the way around; with blinders on, their field of vision is reduced to about 65°, to just what’s in front of them.


Instead, the first step should be to generate strategies.  Strategies are fundamental forces that drive your organization forward and do not change appreciably over time.  I have developed a unique, collaborative process that helps your organization identify and articulate the strategies that will be most effective.


Tactics, by contrast, can change all the time.  The birth of the World Wide Web was a seismic shift socially, economically and technologically, but it wouldn’t have affected your strategies if you planned well.  What it changed virtually overnight was your tactical plan.


Strategies arise from a thinking process.  Tactics derive from a planning process.  Get them both right, and your organization will reap the benefits.


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